I donated 50,000 to ninja - fortnite


I donated 50,000 to ninja - fortnite

I donated 30,000 to my favorite twitch streamer ninja

Surprising tfue with 10,000 live - fortnite

I donated 1,000 000 to a fortnite streamer

Donating 100,000 to a random fortnite streamer

Donating 10000 to pewdiepie

I donated 30,000 to a random twitch streamer world record

I tipped waitresses 20,000

Donating 100,000 to shroud in real life

Standing still for 24 hours straight - statue challenge

I spent 24 hours straight in prison - challenge

Make this video the most liked video on youtube

Anything you can carry, i'll pay for challenge

Surviving 24 hours straight in a desert

Attempting the impossible maze - 10,000 challenge

I gave a homeless man a home

I went back to 1st grade for a day

I donated 50,000 to ninja - fortnite reaction

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