I played against ninja junior on fortnite reaction to builder pro


I played against ninja junior on fortnite reaction to builder pro

I won a solo fortnite game using only zombie loot

7 times kids outplayed pro fortnite streamers ninja, daequan

Making friends in fortnite solos he teamed up with me emotional

Build battle against best 9 year old kid on fortnite playground 1v1 fortnite

I changed my voice and surprised a fan on fortnite helped him win

7 fortnite pros caught cheating live banned

Playing simon says on fortnite with noobs for a friend request

Hacker made my own fortnite skin in the game this is so awesome

Taking wins from noobs in score royale on fortnite new game mode

Escape the carnival killer fortnite murder mystery

Pretending to be a fake noob on fortnite he taught me how to build

This kid is the fortnite ninja of ps4 - 26 kill squad win ?

I bought all skins in season 4 tier 100 - battle pass unlocked fortnite

Mom threatens me after i gifted her kid free v-bucks on fortnite playground fill

Taking wins from noobs with the new heavy sniper in fortnite the default skin destroyer

Fake noob caught lying about his wins on fortnite i looked up his stats

This noob left me to die in fortnite but this happened instead

I left fill on in playground and ruined build battles in fortnite kid gets really mad

Winning 1000 playing fortnite battle royale super fort sunday tournament

I got caught lying pretending to be a fake noob he looked me up

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