I won only using the flint knock amazing


I won only using the flint knock amazing

Faze h1ghsky1 first win at the faze house solo arena mode

New moisty palms rift zone coming soon use code byarteer fortnite battle royale live

17 minutes of wholesome fortnite community

Am i a solo vs squads god? 25 kills

Pretending to be a noob with the nicest kid

Tfue nav, ninja mashmello face off fortnite world cup finals - day 1

These rich kids made fun of my no skin, then i show them my rare skins they freaked out

11 minutes of streamers hitting crazy trickshots and snipes

I won with 17 kills using silenced pistols only

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We broke the fortnite duo kill record 55 kills

200 iq vs 0 iq

Meet faze h1ghsky1, the king of sniper

Tfue shows you what human aimbot looks like

27 kill solo squads combat pro god

We won sharing one gun only

World record kills in solo arena ?

10 min of broken defaults

I stream sniped faze kay until he rage quit fortnite

Sniper rifle only challenge in fortnite

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