Making friends in fortnite solos he teamed up with me emotional


Making friends in fortnite solos he teamed up with me emotional

This noob left me to die in fortnite but this happened instead

Fortnite perfect timing best moments 37

I got bullied for being a default in playground fill, then destroyed them fortnite

I bought all skins in season 4 tier 100 - battle pass unlocked fortnite

Annoying little brother while he plays fortnite solos silly string prank rage

Fortnite fails epic wins 24 fortnite battle royale funny moments

I left fill on in playground and this girl said she's better than ninja fortnite build battle 1v1

7 times kids outplayed pro fortnite streamers ninja, daequan

Taking wins from noobs in score royale on fortnite new game mode

Kid gives skull trooper his golden scar so he can win fortnite random duos

Hacker made my own fortnite skin in the game this is so awesome

I found the biggest noob and carried him on fortnite he could'nt even sprint

This guy thought i was bad but then he spectated me in fortnite he freaked out

Ninja playing fortnite with a kid 7 year old ninja gets troll by kid

I got 90 players to pickaxe noobs on fortnite with me default skin army

I told this kid if we win this game i would add him on fortnite he went ham

Asking strangers to buy my first skin on fortnite pretending to be a fake noob

Gifting my biggest fan a max tier 100 battle pass on fortnite 14,000 v-bucks season 6

I went in playground fill and made a kid sing to me on fortnite cringe

Playing simon says on fortnite with noobs for a friend request