Reacting to my first game on fortnite battle royale cringe warning


Reacting to my first game on fortnite battle royale cringe warning

Kid calls me out on stream to 1v1 build battle, so i accepted fortnite playground

Could you go pro in fortnite? test

new console world record 43 kills solo squad

Winning 1000 playing fortnite battle royale super fort sunday tournament

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Stalker created my house in fortnite creative mode this is creepy

Meet the world's angriest fortnite streamer breaks his setup multiple times

Making friends in fortnite solos he teamed up with me emotional

I caught a hacker with aimbot lying about his wins on fortnite he got banned

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So i tried cizzorz deathrun 2 0 and this happened terrible idea

Playground mode edit wars ft obey house fortnite spleef mini game

One of my best wins ever on fortnite new abstrakt skin made me unstoppable

7 times kids outplayed pro fortnite streamers ninja, daequan

Using two mouses to win in fortnite no keyboard

Tsm myth fanboy talks trash to us on fortnite fortnite competitive 2v2

I hit my world record longest snipe in fortnite random duos i can't believe this happened

I left fill on in playground and ruined build battles in fortnite kid gets really mad

I found the biggest noob and carried him on fortnite he could'nt even sprint

Hacker made my own fortnite skin in the game this is so awesome