We got into the same scrim - who will win?


We got into the same scrim - who will win?

We accidentally got into scrims using only planes to win on fortnite insane ending

Clix dies and spectates khanada carrying him to win in duo scrims

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I got 100 fans to scrim and compete for a shoutout how did he win?

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Streamers react to getting destroyed by me

4 times vivid 1v1 other streamers ninja, myth, 72hrs, aipha

We accidentally joined the same match - and nobody knew

Liquid vs liquid - who's the best?

Liquid poach 72hrs griefing chap and vivid?

-streamers react- to me destroying them

Pc player joins fortnite mobile scrim lobby not fair

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Crazy 52 bomb trial game i get 25 w myth, vivid and zayt

If we win a fortnite scrim game i will buy my brother anything he wants

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